The tenth Anniversary of Century Contemporary Dance Company / The 9th Taishin Arts Award, the Annual Performing Arts Award Winner
Les Noces / Le Sacre Du Printemps
  • Initial Performance Date & Place11-12, Dec 2010, The National Theater
  • Repertoire
    Les Noces

    Sense of space is found in his painting, her dance choreography perfectly fits the space and the patterns with emotions; diagonals are often used in his structure; she imagines the movements of diagonals; the loneliness found in his painting triggers strong impact of emotions; she is attracted to the freshness of the solitude; searching the power of vitality…he is a hundred-year-old national treasure painter, Wang Pan-Youn, the winner of the Fifth National Arts Award; she is the artistic director of the Century Contemporary Dance Company, Yao Shu-Fen. “I search for colors in my works”, she said. It is until that she finds Wang Pan-Youn’s painting that she

    discovers the colors; the dance choreographer is moved by the painter.

    In the large space of the painting, only one person or one horse or one dog is found between actions and inactions; however this contains full of vivid lives. Yao explained: “Painting is static art, actions found in the silence; dance is active art, silence is found in action.” Therefore she tries to extend the power of the body between actions and inactions just like a painting needs silence and time. Dance transforms to a painting extending the active combination of body expressions, directions and time. Each body search deeply inside the completeness and find it between the panting and the dance.

    Le Sacre Du Printemps
    In 1913, Igor Stravinsky was reputed as the “father of modern music” with The Rite of Spring. After almost one century, choreographer Yao Shu-fen is poised to stage a performance in line with irregular tempos and wild but exploding sound of The Rite of Spring that expands the limitless ingenuity of Fauvistic sensory. Having accomplished the blessings-ridden, ritual-like Les Noces, Yao Shu-fen once again will bring to the audience a visual and hearing experience beyond imagination.

    The long-waiting power of life becomes the epitome of awakening for the woman lying on the floor that climbs up, snuggled and swooned in the sensual touches of men. The move is fast yet slow; hasty but lingering. Breaths and heartbeats are in tandem with movement of bodies. With ecstasy of sex, desire is flying without wings, resonating quietly through the sky. The insolence and arrogance of soul responds with the mutually undisciplined and harmonious melody of The Rite of Spring, bringing out the compressed, wild, and anxious nature of dancers’ bodies.


    “Igor Stravinsky”Les Noces/Le Sacre du Printemps is a grand production of significant depth. The dancers of Century Contemporary Dance Company had to overcome the challenges inherent in the representation of desire and lust, and all artists needed to create new performance and technical language in response to the demanding complexity of Stravinsky’s music, which they accomplished brilliantly. “Igor Stravinsky”Les Noces/Le Sacre du Printemps marks an important breakthrough for Yao, Shu-fen and Century Contemporary Dance Company. This production for Taiwan culture and the choreographer parallels beautifully the shattering and the groundbreaking moment this music created for Stravinsky and his audience. This work also significantly challenges social issues around gender and representation of female sexuality in the Taiwanese context.

    • ChoreographerShu-Fen Yao
    • PaintingsPan-Yuan Wang
    • MusicIgor Stravinsky
    • Dancer Hui-Wen Li, Gian-Yu Xu, Bei-yu Chen, Xiao-Ci Tian, Hou-Chen Liu, Wei-Ning Chen, Guan-Hin Liu, Zi-Long Liu, Yong-Huai Huang, Qiu-Miao Guo, Xuan-Xiu Tang, Zi-Jun Lin
    • Narrative SpaceYi-Ru Huang
    • Lighting DesignTian-Hong Wang
    • Costume DesignJia-Xiang Huang
    • Stage ManagerRuo-Hao Lei
    • PhotographySheng-Fa Lin
    • Graphic DesignWen-Xiu Chen